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A Last Hurrah – The Adventure Begins… Again!

Crocks Television- A Last Hurrah!
The adventure begins… again!

You’ve reached a plateau, having finally made it. You’re now officially ripe, rejoice, it could be all downhill from here.except for these folks. Mrs.Calabash and Crocks Television are for and about those who’ve left the best for ‘last‘

For example:
Mrs Calabash Cooks:

A television cooking show featuring Maggie – a 77 year old Great-Grandmother and: Derek – 76 year old Grandfather who are making a new career for themselves. Talk about reinventing yourself.
Together they produce a TV cooking show by themselves in their home in a small villlage near Ottawa. She hosts the show, does all the research, creates recipes and shops for ingredients, he is the producer, director, runs 8 cameras and as the only technician does everything else. 62 Episodes on Facebook & Youtube to date. They’re not unique other than what they make.
There’s all kinds of these stories out there and sharing these stories of adventures and creativity will give us an inspirational and educational series; let the boomers boom! Like the zookeepers who after retirement opened a little shop that sell objet d’unusual sourced from Bali and other far east lands.

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