Working Title: The Battle of The 49th

This show is under development with the working title “The Battle of The 49th”
/  “Breaking Bread on Common Ground”.

The Battle of the 49th

What 49th? Well in 1812 the United States declared war on Canada and attacked – however aside from a few battles, won by both sides, the results were fairly inconclusive other than the White House was burned down. This resulted in the international border being set at the 49th parallel latitude. So ,why not see what happens the 2nd time around, instead of guns and bullets, we’ll use dinner rolls, peas, cabbages and, if it gets serious, watermelons and coconuts.

The Competition 
A cooking competition between small towns. Towns which are chosen coexist, and are roughly situated along the 49th parallel. A North American small town cooking competition between teams from Canada and  the United States. We’ll be pitting locals in competition with their counterparts from across the border.
President Obama on the late Anthony Bourdain: ‘He taught us about food’ and ‘its ability to bring us together’. The twist is that we have the folks from the local Fire Department compete with their counterparts across the border or the staff of City Hall etc. National pride is at stake here!

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